Private lessons

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Private lessons at United Fencing Academy offer individualized, one-on-one instruction with a coach, tailored to enhance each fencer’s technique and tactics. These lessons are crucial for a fencer’s development, especially for those aiming to compete at a high level. Each private lesson has a duration of 20 minutes, and there is an option for experienced fencers to schedule double lessons.

Key Features:

  • Customized Instruction: Private lessons are designed to suit a fencer’s unique style and physical characteristics.
  • Importance: Private lessons play a significant role in improving a fencer’s overall skill set, making them particularly beneficial for competitive athletes.


  • Single Lesson: $45 per lesson
  • Package of 10 Lessons: $400
  • Introductory Package (5 Lessons): $225 (available for new students only)
  • UFA Club Membership: Membership is required for private lessons.

Note: The pricing structure provides flexibility for both new and experienced fencers. The option for a package of 10 lessons allows for a more comprehensive training approach, and the introductory package caters specifically to new students. The requirement of UFA Club membership ensures access to the full range of benefits offered by the fencing academy.

The emphasis on individualized attention and the availability of different pricing options reflect United Fencing Academy’s commitment to providing a tailored and accessible approach to private lessons, contributing significantly to the overall development of fencers.