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United Fencing Academy takes pride in its coaching staff, which boasts an exceptional pedigree with extensive experience in both international competition and coaching at the highest levels. The coaches at UFA have a remarkable background that includes participation and coaching at international, Olympic, and national levels across the world.

Key Highlights of the Coaching Staff:

  • Competitive Background: The coaches at UFA have not only excelled in coaching but have also competed themselves at the highest echelons of international and Olympic fencing.
  • International Coaching Credits: Their coaching credits extend to the Russian Junior Team and Russian National Team, showcasing their expertise and impact on the development of elite-level fencers.
  • World-Class Instruction: The coaching staff is recognized for providing world-class instruction, and contributing to the success and achievements of their students.

Student Achievements:

  • Junior Olympic Champions: Many students coached by the UFA staff have achieved success at the Junior Olympic level, a testament to the effectiveness of the coaching methods.
  • North American Cup Champions: UFA-coached fencers have secured victories and titles at the prestigious North American Cup, reflecting the caliber of coaching provided.
  • US National Champions: The coaching staff’s influence is evident in the success of their students, who have achieved national championship titles in the United States.
  • World Cup Champions: UFA-coached athletes have reached the pinnacle of success by becoming champions at the World Cup and Championships, showcasing the international impact of the academy’s coaching.

The coaching staff’s exceptional achievements and the success of their students at various levels of competition underscore the commitment to excellence at United Fencing Academy. The combination of competitive experience, international coaching background, and a track record of developing champions positions the academy as a premier institution for those aspiring to excel in the sport of fencing.