INTRO TO FENCING   –  All ages

It’s great to know that United Fencing Academy offers an Introduction to Fencing lesson program, providing a structured and personalized start for all fencers. The package includes five private lessons with experienced instructors, each lasting approximately 20 minutes. Additionally, the use of all necessary equipment is included, ensuring that new fencers have everything they need to get started.

For prospective participants, the academy recommends wearing workout clothes with long pants, such as sweatpants, and athletic shoes. This ensures comfort and safety during the lessons.

As for pricing, the Introduction to Fencing lesson program is available at $232 for the package of five sessions. This transparent pricing structure allows individuals to budget for their introduction to fencing and experience the benefits of personalized instruction in a premier fencing academy.

This approach not only provides a solid foundation for beginners but also emphasizes the academy’s commitment to offering a comprehensive and accessible introduction to the sport of fencing.

LEVEL 1   –   For boys and girls ages 6-12

The Beginners class at United Fencing Academy is designed for students with minimal fencing experience, making it a crucial step for those who have completed the Introductory Class. This ongoing program is mandatory for new fencers enrolling in a UFA program after the Introductory Class. The class focuses on building upon basic fencing techniques while introducing new skills and techniques to students.

Class Structure:

  • Duration: Each class is 1,5 hours long.
  • Activities: The typical class structure includes warm-up activities, footwork exercises, partner drills, and bouting. These elements collectively contribute to the students’ improvement in form, technique, and understanding of the game of fencing.

Private Lessons: Private lessons are offered and recommended at this level, providing students with personalized attention to further enhance their skills and understanding of fencing.

Progression: Students in the Beginners class can expect to spend 6-12 months in this level before moving on to Level 2. This approach ensures that students have a solid foundation and proficiency in fundamental fencing techniques before advancing to more advanced levels.


  • Days and Times:
    • Wednesday, Friday: 5 pm – 6:30 pm
    • Saturday: 9 am – 10:30 am

Pricing: The pricing for the Beginners class starts from $200 per month. This fee includes UFA Club Membership, providing students with additional benefits and a sense of community within the fencing club.

As with other programs, UFA continues to provide all required equipment for participants. The dress code remains consistent, requiring students to wear workout clothes with long pants (such as sweatpants) and athletic shoes.

Overall, the structured approach of the Beginners class at United Fencing Academy reflects a commitment to comprehensive skill development and a supportive learning environment for individuals with a passion for fencing.

LEVEL 2   –   For boys and girls ages 10-17

The Intermediate program at United Fencing Academy offers a continued path for fencers who have completed 6-12 months in the Beginners class and wish to further enhance their skills. This program is designed to provide a bridge between the foundational skills learned in the Beginners class and the more advanced techniques and tactics introduced in later stages of fencing development.

Program Details:

  • Duration: Each class is 120 minutes long, emphasizing a comprehensive and in-depth training session.
  • Frequency: Participants typically attend two to three classes per week, allowing for regular and consistent skill development.

Class Structure:

  • Activities: The typical class structure includes warm-up activities, footwork exercises, partner drills, and bouting. This multifaceted approach ensures that fencers continue to refine their fundamentals while being introduced to more advanced skills and tactics.

Private Lessons:

  • Recommendation: 1-2 private lessons per week are strongly recommended, especially for fencers aspiring to compete. Private lessons provide personalized attention and targeted training to help fencers reach their competitive goals.

Equipment Transition:

  • Introduction of Electric Bouting: Intermediate-level students begin to use electrical scoring equipment, marking a transition to a more competitive and technical phase of fencing.
  • Required Individual Gear: Students at this level are required to have their gear, including a jacket, underarm protector, chest protector, electric weapon, knickers (pants), glove, mask, body cord, and a lame (foil only).

Potential Achievements:

  • By the end of the Intermediate program, students can expect to strengthen their fencing fundamentals, improve fencing techniques and tactics, and may even achieve their first national ranking.


  • The pricing for the Intermediate program starts from $250 per month, which includes UFA Club Membership. This fee covers the cost of training, facility usage, and club membership benefits.

The Intermediate program reflects a commitment to the holistic development of fencers, offering a balance of foundational training and exposure to advanced skills and equipment necessary for competitive success.

Adult classes – age 18+

The Adult class program at United Fencing Academy provides an exciting opportunity for adults, including parents of fencers, to explore the world of fencing in a group setting. Here are the key details:

Program Overview:

  • Class Type: 1-hour group class for adults, welcoming both beginners and intermediate levels.
  • Encouragement for Parents: Parents of fencers are encouraged to participate, fostering a sense of community and shared experience.

Class Focus:

  • Content: The class covers various aspects of fencing, including learning the rules of the sport, gaining insight and confidence in strategies and tactics, and focusing on technique, footwork, basic conditioning, and actual fencing.


  • Provided: All necessary equipment will be provided to participants, ensuring a hassle-free introduction to fencing.

Account Creation and Schedule:

  • Account Setup: The first step is to create a client account through the UFA website.
  • Schedule: Classes are scheduled on Tuesdays from 8 pm to 9 pm, providing a convenient evening time slot.

Attire and Accessories:

  • Attire: Participants are advised to wear comfortable workout clothes with sports shoes that can be tied.
  • Water Bottle: Bringing a water bottle is recommended to stay hydrated during the class.


  • Package Cost: $150 per month for the four-class package.
  • Single Class: $45 for the pay-as-you-go single-class option.

This program not only provides a gateway for adults to discover the art of fencing but also offers flexibility in terms of class attendance and payment options. The emphasis on creating a welcoming environment, coupled with the provision of equipment, aims to make the experience enjoyable and accessible to all interested individuals.

Advanced/Competitive   –   For boys and girls ages 12+

The Advanced/Competitive class at United Fencing Academy is specifically designed for serious competitive fencers who aspire to compete at the National and International levels. Here are the key details of the program:

Eligibility and Entry:

  • Minimum Requirement: Fencers may join the Advanced/Competitive program after completing a minimum of 6-12 months at the Intermediate level, with exceptions possible at the coach’s discretion.

Program Features:

  • Practice Days: The Advanced/Competitive program offers more practice days, with up to four days per week, in addition to open fencing periods.
  • Comprehensive Training: The program includes footwork, conditioning, tactical and technical exercises, along with individual yearly training plans to help fencers set and meet competitive goals.
  • College Opportunities: Successful completion of the Advanced Competitive level can open doors to NCAA-based acceptance at prestigious colleges in the country.

Equipment Requirements:

  • Fencers at this level are expected to have their equipment suited for competition, including multiple foils and body cords.


  • Practice Days and Times:
    • Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm FOIL
    • Saturday: 11 am – 1 pm FOIL
    • Tuesday, Thursday: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm EPEE
    • Saturday: 1 Pm – 3 pm EPEE


  • $300 per month for unlimited classes is the pricing structure for the Advanced/Competitive class, and this includes membership benefits.

The Advanced/Competitive class is tailored to provide a rigorous and comprehensive training experience for fencers aiming for high-level competition. The emphasis on personalized training plans, increased practice days, and the opportunity for private lessons reflects the academy’s commitment to nurturing competitive excellence. Additionally, the potential for college opportunities further underscores the program’s impact on the overall development of serious fencers.