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United Fencing Academy, established in 2014 in Los Angeles by Vadim Ayupov and Julia Khakimova, stands out as a premier fencing club. Both founders bring with them a wealth of experience as professional athletes and coaches, boasting notable careers in fencing, including World Champion titles. After relocating from Moscow to Los Angeles in 2010 to coach at The Los Angeles International Fencing Center, Vadim and Julia realized their vision by opening the United Fencing Academy in January 2014.

Mission: The mission of United Fencing Academy is to provide the highest quality instruction and training in fencing. The academy is dedicated to welcoming fencers of all ages and expertise levels, offering a range of options including group classes and individual lessons led by their expert coaching staff. The state-of-the-art fencing facility is designed to create a safe and friendly environment where students feel encouraged to excel, whether they are strong competitive athletes or individuals looking to enjoy fencing for fun and fitness.

Unique Methodology & Training System: United Fencing Academy stands out by incorporating the latest sports training practices into its methodology to accelerate students’ improvement and help them reach their full potential. Recognizing that boredom is a significant obstacle to athletic development, the academy emphasizes making the training experience enjoyable. By engaging both the mind and body, their unique methodology and training system aim to foster a fun learning environment. This approach has proven successful in turning beginners into some of the nation’s top athletes in a remarkably short time.

Getting Started: For new students, the academy recommends wearing a t-shirt, long pants (such as sweatpants or athletic warm-ups), and lace-up athletic shoes. Street shoes or slip-on athletic shoes are not allowed due to insufficient lateral support for fencing. The academy provides all fencing-related equipment as part of the classes. When students decide to invest in their own equipment, they can purchase it at the academy’s store or receive recommendations for other reputable retailers.

United Fencing Academy is positioned as an ideal place for both aspiring competitive athletes and those seeking the enjoyment of fencing for fun and fitness, offering a comprehensive and engaging approach to training in this captivating sport.