About UFA

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Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality instruction and training in the sport of fencing. At UFA, we welcome fencers of all ages and expertise, and offer both group classes and individual lessons taught by our expert coaching staff. Our state-of-the-art fencing facility offers a safe and friendly environment where students feel welcome and are encouraged to excel. If you are a strong competitive athlete or someone who wants to enjoy fencing for fun and fitness then United Fencing Acadamy is the ideal place for you.

Our unique methodology & training system.

We incorporate the latest in sports training practices to accelerate our students’ improvement and help them expand their potential. The biggest obstacle to athletic development is boredom. The best way to achieve excellence—in sports, school, and everything else—is to have fun with what you are doing.  All of the techniques we employ in our classes are designed to engage the student’s mind as well as body, so that the training is fun and the student learns and improves more quickly. Our unique methodology and training system have allowed us to turn beginners into some of the nation’s top athletes in extremely short time.

What you need to get started 

New students should wear a t-shirt, long pants such as sweat pants or athletic warm-ups, and lace-up athletic shoes. No street shoes or slip-on athletic shoes are allowed because they do not provide enough lateral support and are therefore unsuitable for fencing. As part of the classes, we provide all fencing-related equipment. When you decide it’s time to get your own equipment, you can purchase at our store or we can recommend other quality retailers. The basic beginner set costs approximately $350.